Fit Academy is a basic practical course aimed at transferring knowledge of the new ways of using the body’s infrared rays for pain relief and in sports applications.

The course is aimed at massage therapists, graduates in sports and exercise science, physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports massage, and lifeguards.

Using lumbar anatomy and physiology and knee joint complaints as a basis, FIT ACADEMY explores the reflection of IR rays on the human body and the effect of FIT Patch and FITape in analgesic and sports applications. It then looks at the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as various techniques for applying FITape to treat different complaints.

The course consists of classroom and practical sessions led by Dr. Stefano Tirelli, a graduate in motor sciences, fitness coach and lecturer at the Catholic University of Milan, and Dr. Giovanni Durato, physical education teacher, chiropractor and yoga instructor at the Academy of Anatomy and Physiology in Florence.