FIT Therapy Lady at Cosmofarma 2018: the new way of combatting period pain

Fit Therapy live from Dubai
16 March 2018
MEDICA 2018: News for FIT Therapy
9 November 2018

How to gain relief from period pain without resorting to drugs? The solution is FIT Therapy Lady.

Following on from the success of their FIT Therapy patches that can be used for backache, neck pain, sciatica and muscular overload (shoulder, elbow, knee and calf muscle), the Vicenza-based company D.Fenstec has devised and manufactured a new patch for women suffering from dysmenorrhea.

In the same way as the other patches for muscular pain, FIT Therapy Lady releases no pharmacological substances and will not cause thermal shock but provides relief by means of reflection of the infrared rays naturally emitted by our body. Just apply the three small patches that make up the kit to the points indicated and the body’s heat will activate the acrylic adhesive material the patches are made from, so they act like “mirrors” able to reflect the IR rays and thereby produce an analgesic effect.

Want to learn more about how effective FIT patches are? D.Fenstec will be an exhibitor at COSMOFARMA 2018, Europe’s leading pharmacy trade show for health, wellbeing, beauty and everything to do with the pharmaceutical world.

Come and visit us and collect you free sample in HALL. 36, STAND A60!