MEDICA 2018: News for FIT Therapy

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MEDICA 2018: Plenty of new developments in the FIT Therapy family

Vicenza-based company D.Fenstec Srl will be exhibiting again this year with its FIT Therapy products at MEDICA 2018, the International Trade Fair for the Medical Sector and Hospital Technology due to be held in Düsseldorf from 12 to 15 November 2018.
Through ongoing scientific studies and FIT-related research, the results achieved by the FIT Scientific Board have allowed us to make improvements to existing products and have led to the birth of a brand-new product: FIT Therapy Posture.
In point of fact, this year the FIT Therapy family is bigger than ever: the FIT Therapy Patch – indicated for reducing pain and alleviating discomfort in the musculoskeletal system, such as pain and contractures of whatever origin – and FIT Therapy Lady – a kit of three patches designed to reduce period pain and discomfort, thus improving the quality of life of women suffering from dysmenorrhoea – have been joined by the innovative FIT Therapy Posture insole designed to improve the wearer’s balance and postural stability.
The technology behind this insole is the same principle on which the patches are based: a bioenergetic principle. It works by reflecting the body’s own energy: by entering deep into the tissues, it boosts microcirculation and thus brings a whole host of benefits.
The FIT Therapy products are Class I Medical Devices with no contraindications as they do not contain drugs and do not cause thermal shock: hence they can be used by anyone.

Want to know more? Come join us in Hall 5 / Stand G29 at MEDICA 2018!