MEDICA 2019 : Discover FIT Therapy biophysical technology

MEDICA 2018: News for FIT Therapy
9 November 2018
Live from MEDICA 2019 | Discover FIT Therapy
18 November 2019

MEDICA 2019 (Düsseldorf, 18-21 November) is the world’s largest event for the Medical sector and Technology, and D.Fenstec Srl will be there to present FIT Therapy products based on biophysical priciples.


How does FIT Therapy technology work? Did you know that the human body naturally receives and emits bioenergy? The biophysical properties of FIT Therapy technology make it able to reflect the rays of bioenergy emitted naturally by our bodies, which are ordinarily lost in the form of heat. According to the different body’s area where it’s used, this innovative technology is able to bring many specific benefits.


Muscle and joint pain?
FIT Therapy Patch is a range of patches that can reduce musculoskeletal pain and helps alleviate pain in the event of inflammation.

Painful period?
FIT Therapy Lady is a 3-patches kit that reduces menstrual pain and discomfort.

Problems with postural stability?
FIT Therapy Posture is an insole that can increase balance and postural stability.


FIT Therapy products are Made in Italy with high quality materials. They can be used by anyone, as they do not contain drugs and do not cause thermal shock.


Visit us to discover all the FIT Therapy products based on biophysical principles. We’ll wait for you at Pav. 5 / Booth G29!