SANA 2017

3 October 2017

From 8-11 September 2017 D.FENSTEC SRL will be at the Bologna trade fair to attend SANA, the 29th international trade fair for organic and natural products: this major event for the industry attracted more than 47,000 visitors and 833 exhibitors in 2016. Another must-see product this year is the FIT Therapy Patch, an innovative biophysical solution that relieves pain by reflecting the body’s IR rays.

Based on the principle that our body emits and receives IR rays, numerous scientific studies have shown that they can be used to expand the capillaries, dissolve and eliminate toxins, thus favouring the natural repair processes. FIT Patch is made from a special biomineral film that mirrors the IR rays naturally emitted by the body, taking the reflected energy to a depth of 8-9 cm and producing a pain-relieving effect.

FIT Patch is made from top-quality materials and is tested for use on sensitive skin. It is available in seven different shapes, for specific complaints. The range includes a universal patch, and specific shapes for the neck, lower back, ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder.

So is it possible to relieve pain without using drugs? The answer is yes. Come and try the FIT Patch for yourselves, at Pavilion 21 / Stand C 72 at SANA 2017!