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Title of the studyPubmedMagazine
Evaluation of the effects of F.I.R. technology on the microcirculation by capillaroscopy (by application of FIT minerals)
Usage of a non-medicated plaster in shoulder tendinopathiesVedi su pubmedACTA BIOMEDICA
FIT therapy for the treatment of symptoms related to musculoskeletal and neurological disorders: a retrospective observational studyAsian Journal of Medical Sciences
Clinical monitoring report of the safety and functionality of use of a class I medical deviceVedi su pubmed
Final report of study data on medical device class I FIT insoles
Therapeutic patches with technology based on the use of far infrared (FIT), protect against inflammation, oxidative stress and promote cell vitalityVedi su pubmedCurrent Pharmaceutical Design
Use of non-medicated patches for the treatment of pain in chronic low back painin attesaClinical orthopedics and traumatology